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Metropolitan Fort Lauderdale has campus locations for several noted universities, including Florida Atlantic University's ocean engineering research center, SeaTech; University of Florida, Nova Southeastern University and Florida Metropolitan University


Florida Atlantic University Description: With a number of campus locations in the Fort Lauderdale metro area, FAU - one of Florida's 11 public universities - is a rapidly growing institution known for its ocean engineering research centre

Broward County Public Schools Online Description: The online presence for the Broward County Public Schools system, the site is a comprehensive resource for school information, news, school calendars and more

Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale Description: Florida's largest independent university, Nova Southeastern University is renowned for quality traditional and distance education in a wide range of fields

The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Description: Founded in 1968 by the late Mark K. Wheeler, AiFL is a highly acclaimed and fully accredited educational institution offering programs and degreee courses in a broad range of creative disciplines

American InterContinental University, Fort Lauderdale Description: American InterContinental University, with campus locations in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, is a prominent higher education institution well-known for their business and technology degree programs

Broward Community College Description: Established in 1959 as the Junior College of Broward County, BCC is a prominent provider of undergraduate-level education for the region, with 3 main locations in metropolitan Fort Lauderdale

Cardinal Gibbons High School, Fort Lauderdale Description: Cardinal Gibbons High, established in 1963, is a Roman Catholic educational institution known for academic and extra-curricular programs

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