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Las Vegas and its surrounds has its share of attractions for a wide range of visitors, from the endless lights of The Strip through to the serene majesty of the Grand Canyon nearby.


CIE - Coney Island Emporium Description: An attraction located in the New York New York Hotel & Casino, Coney Island Emporium is an award-winning arcade that recreates the looks and thrills of the original Coney Island

Hoover Dam Description: Built during the Depression, the Hoover Dam is a National Historic Landmark situated 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas. Drive across the dam or take a guided tour.

Star Trek - The Experience Description: A joint venture between the Las Vegas Hilton and Paramount Parks, Star Trek: The Experience promises an interactive, personalized adventure where you get to experience the life of the Enterprise crew.

Performing Arts Center Las Vegas Description: Linked to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the Performing Arts Center's site has extensive information on all PAC performances, online ticketing and useful information about their theaters.

The Guggenheim Hermitage Museum Description: Exhibits masterworks from the Guggenheim and Hermitage museums within the Venetian Hotel & Casino complex

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